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Update 2017-Sept-30: I after watching some Twitch streamers play the game, I feel I need to clarify a few things. The beeping in the start is the proximity sensor. The music is what the player is supposed to go toward.

This game was created in 72 hours for the MusicGameJam and WeeklyGameJam by Kenric D'Souza (Design/Code) and João "John Elliott" Araújo (Composer/Sound designer)


Its your first mission on the space station orbiting Mars. In a routine diagnostic of the rover on the surface, your team discovers that apart from the visual feed, the rover is fully operational. You decide to pilot it using only the sounds it hears through it's audio sensors.


Left and Right analogue stick on a controller.

Contact Info:

Kenric D'Souza (@AzureByte) http://kenric.in/
John Elliott (@JohnElliottComp) http://johnelliottmusic.com/


TheMartianAnomaly-MGJBuild-Win.zip 29 MB


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I like the concept in this game, but I don't know what to do pretty much....

Cool idea, is there a win state? I couldn't get past anything other than fast beeps

There is, but in the gamejam state it might be hard to find. For that level, you have to avoid the beeps and go closer to the music. If I get time I'll make a post jam version that is better designed so the goals are clearer. Goes to show how important it is to let people not involved in the development of it to test your game.

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What if no controller? (  ·-·)/ The "narrator" tells me to press 'A', but I can't...


Hi BlueJackalope, thanks for checking it out! If you don't have a controller you can use the keyboard 'A' key to start it :)


Oh, silly me. Thanks for the obvious solution xD